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Kai Cao
Born Kai Cao / 曹恺
March 28, 1989 (1989-03-28) (age 32)
Tianjin, China
Education B.E. in Software Engineering, Tianjin University of Finance & Economics, 2011
Occupation Software Engineer

Kai Cao (born March 28, 1989) is an employee at Sina.com. He is currently working on the iPhone Weibo project.


Early life

Born in Tianjin, he currently lives and works in San Francisco, CA, United States.

Programming career

High school (2001 - 2007)

Kai got his first computer in 2001, after he graduated from elementary school. He started learning Visual Basic at the same year. He has a lot of little apps available on the Internet, such as Tools & Cheats of the Twin Heroes 3 and Tools & Cheats of Chinese Paladin 3 Plus: Wen Qing Pian, which were released on Sina Games in 2003 and 2004, respectively.

Kai passed the Nationwide Computer Level Test Band 2 (Visual Basic) in 2005, when he was in senior high school. He earned 10 bonus points in the National Higher Education Entrance Examination by winning the first prize of Tianjin Youth Science & Technology Innovation Contest in 2006.

College (2007 - 2011)

Kai entered Tianjin University of Finance & Economics where he received a bachelor's degree in Software Engineering. While studying at college, he learnt C, C++, Java, C#, and Objective-C.

His most familiar language is Objective-C. He bought his first iPhone in 2008, and started learning iPhone programming in early 2009. His first iPhone app, Lazy Text, which allows to easily transfer text between iPhone and computers, was released on the App Store for $0.99 on Sept 16, 2009, and a free version was released on Dec 11, 2009. Lazy Text got many good reviews on the App Store and topped the Productivity category of the Taiwan App Store after it gone free for a limited time in 2010. His second iPhone app, ShortURL, is a url shortener powered by multiple popular services, such as bit.ly, tinyurl.com, and a.gd. It was released on the App Store for $0.99 on Feb 25, 2010, and a free version was released on Mar 5, 2010.

He had worked at Ebiz-Interactive Inc. as a summer-vacation intern for 1 month in Aug, 2010. During that time, he helped the company make a quick model of an online clothes selling app and an entertainment app for building avatars.

After the intern, he worked at XianGuo from November 18, 2010 to May 22, 2011. He took part in the two major products in XianGuo -- XianGuo Broadcasting for iPad and XianGuo Broadcasting for iPhone.

Work at Sina (2011 - 2013)

Kai joined Sina on June 28, 2011. He worked on the Sina Weibo for iPhone app during his stay at Sina.

Kai attended the Apple WWDC 2012 in June 2012 in San Francisco. He then started to work on the Apple-Sina integration project, whose main purpose is to integrate Sina Weibo services in Apple's Mac OS X Mountain Lion and iOS 6.

Kai left Sina on March 29, 2013.

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