I just don’t know how to express my angry feelings, but i gotta say that the censorship in this country sucks balls. just found that i even can’t upload files to sharebee, this is UNACCEPTABLE! i want my youtube, mediafire, twitter, facebook, google sites, and many other blocked sites back so bad, but seems they’re gonna be blocked for a long time until the gov release the control of the www and other communication techs, which is not gonna happen. btw, it’s said that WoW will be blocked in this area permanently, this is definately a bad news, hard to say how many people will be affected, but the influence will be felt.

I don’t know what to do next, many guys around me are preparing for TOEFL and GRE, because they have their dreams, then look at me, what am i doing now? GOING ABROAD or STAYING HERE, it’s too difficult to me to decide. don’t wanna change my lifestyle, but i’d like to see the other part of the world. maybe the best way is to work here now, and go abroad in the future…

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