i went to mc this noon, alone. i’m so bored. i don’t wanna say that, but this is how i am now. i’m gonna order a cake tomorrow for the party on sat. i’ve read 3/4 of the book, and i found that qin keyi is no my fav, but qin tong is. anyway, it’s a good book for me. but i still love rush to the summer dead. i hope i can finish this book before sat cuz i wanna finish 2 books before 20 at least. one is rush to the summer dead, and the other is this.

dorm is always boring, no surprise. these days are cold again, just like winter, and i know, summer is comming, even though i’m not so fond of summer.

when i came back from mc, i saw there were many people on the ground and there were also some guys selling apple products… tonight, there’s gonna be a karaoke competition. it’s none of my business.

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