book进行到了1/2, 快了, 还10小时应该能结束. 我喜欢悲剧, 可据说这是个好结局.



We are loved by so many people around us. They might be our parents, friends, lovers, or mother who gave birth to us. It doesn’t matter if you are great or normal; no matter where you are, your mother is always the one who loves you so much, friends always cheer you up when you feel sad, and lovers build up a happy family with you to keep your heart warm.

What does it mean to truly love someone? It means accepting them for who they are, supporting their interests, forgiving them for their wrongs, acknowledging their accomplishments, being there for them in good times and bad, accepting their faults and appreciating their strengths.

Now so many people think that money is the most important thing in our daily lives. Sometimes that is true. If you are a millionaire you can buy whatever you want. However you must know that money can not buy happiness and love. I can lose anything, but I am sure I will not lose my love.

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