2008 (MMVIII) is the current year, a leap year starting on Tuesday of the Anno Domini (common) era, in accordance with the Gregorian calendar. The year is usually pronounced as "two thousand and eight"; however, some people prefer "twenty oh-eight" (as per the convention for 1908) or simply as "oh-eight".

2008 has been designated as:

In Chinese astrology, most of 2008, starting with February 7 will overlap with the Year of the Rat (Dates before February 7 are Year of the Pig). The next Year of the Rat will be in 2020.


Predicted and scheduled events













Unknown dates

Major religious holidays

2008 in fiction

  • Isaac Asimov‘s 1955 short story Franchise takes place in 2008, the premise being that the U.S. president will be selected by a computer program looking for the "most representative citizen".
  • John Barnes, Mother of Storms (1995) begins with a 2008 UN resolution barring any nation from acquiring nuclear weapons after June 1, 2008, subject to penalty of preemptive strike.
  • Gregory Benford‘s books The Jupiter War and The Threads of Time are set in 2008.
  • P.D. James‘s mystery The Children of Men is set in 2008. No children have been born since 1995, and the last generation reaches puberty.
  • The Galactic Milieu Series by Julian May features Earth’s first contact with an alien race on June 20, 2008
  • Ian McDonald‘s "Chaga Saga" (Evolution’s Shore and Kirinya) begins with the March 13, 2008 impact arrival of the plant form Chaga from outer space.
  • Alan E. Nourse‘s 1957 book Rocket to Limbo begins with the March 3, 2008 launch of the starship Argonaut on a centuries long trip to Alpha Centauri
  • The Mote in God’s Eye (1974) by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle postulates that faster than light travel is perfected in 2008.
  • The Next War, a controversial 1996 novel about the post-Soviet era, co-authored by former U.S. Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger, looks at a possible 2008 nuclear confrontation between the United States and Russia.

Computer and video games

Set in 2008:

  • Ghost Recon (2001): Russia attempts to reunite the Soviet Union and invades several Eastern European countries. The UN intervenes with peacekeeping forces.
  • Splinter Cell series: Sam Fisher goes undercover.
  • Shattered Union: U.S. President David Jefferson Adams is elected in a Sham election, and becomes the most unpopular president in U.S. history.
  • Twisted Metal 3 (1998)



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