a mess

I feel tired today, a bit of a headache. The exam this morning was just a mess. I skipped class again this afternoon for buying cds – one is avril lavigne’s the best damn thing and the other is natasha bedingfield’s unwritten. Unfortunately, i just bought the one i do NOT wanna buy cuz the avril’s is a CLEAN version. OMG. I’m still keepin findin an explicit version of it. The clean lyric version SUCKS.

Tomorrow i’ll have another exam, the math. faint. 2 questions has leaked so far. good job Mrs. Jin. If tomorrow’s exam is just like what happened today, it’s hard to imagine…the whole world is crazy now.

btw, mc’s new album is awesome. Bye Bye is my fav. and today, April 28th, 2008, is the 5th anniversary of the iTunes Store. hope apple will provide some promos. lol

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