wow! Jason goes home! cooooooooooooooooool

American Idol Season 7 is now down to three, the two Davids and Syesha. no doubt that David A. will be the next American Idol. i’m so happy that Jason goes home, really don’t like him. his dreadlocks sux ass. i’d have to say that i’m facin such a big problem. my iTunes account is disabled now due to the iTunes Gift Certificate…gosh. I have to re-register a new one. and all my purchased games and videos may be gone…i still feel that my music library is a mess, though it’s looks nice, artworks, tags etc. but the only one sux is the quality of my songs — still uneven. okay okay, that’s difficult.

Rihanna’s new single ‘Take a Bow’ tops the iTunes chart Top 100. Both Leona & Natasha deserve it! wtf ‘Take a Bow’ is the #1?! not to speak of coldplay, #4 now on iTunes, do not like ’em and their songs.

so excited that the final will be completed before June 15th, and then, June 21/22, cet6. wow, it’s awesome. the summer holiday is comin’ sooooooooooooon!!

i just heard someone fell sick, ohhhhh, god bless us.

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