the quake shocks the world

wow, now the death toll of sichuan earthquake rises to ’bout 20,000. i just wanna know what the authority is doing. no forecast? gosh. anyway, i’ve got a good news!! David A. sang With You by Chris Brown. it’s really coool. everyone luvs With You should check it out. it’s believed that syesha will be eliminated tomorrow. and the top 2 are two Davids. David A. will WIN, definitely. cook is just another copy of Daughtry.

i’ve downloaded nearly 1,200 songs from iTunes Store and just cost me 200 yuan. that’s the coolest price i’ve ever seen. i’ve to admit that my keyboard is awkward and hard to use now, i have to buy a new one. the apple’s wireless keyboard is so cool, but the price is too high, cannot afford it. maybe logitech is a good choice. if only i had a chance to get all donations from the quake! lol

it’s always raining these days, and somewhat cold. bad weather. anyway, everything’s gonna be ok.

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