College Entrance Examination (CEE)

唔. 昨天和今天是高考. 由于昨日闲极无聊, 决定去考点幸灾乐祸一下. 一大早坐668来到42门口, 果然, 家长满天飞…但是我到的时候学生们都已经进场了. 然后等开考以后门口就没什么人了, 于是就辗转到旁边的MC吃早餐. 但是不能在那吃3个小时早餐吧. 于是又辗转到搜狐——原来叫搜狐, 现在不知道叫嘛名字…嘿嘿, 依稀记得当年大伙一块去逮狐狸. 等到快散场的时候就回到了42那. 结果发现家长又开始老么多. 服了. 接在门口跟那些家长一块挤, 现在想想当时真是无聊. 然后还拍了几张照片. 在lulu的推荐下, 把那张大尼和袁校照片发到了校内, 现在在校内上可是相当的火啊…虽然我鄙视校内这种垃圾玩意儿. 然后下午的选修课可是相当无聊, 原来是自由活动. 上了没10分钟我就走你了.

今天看到每日新报, 我差点没呛着. 那高考拍的照片竟然也在42, 而且有一张照片跟我拍的是一样的! 就是他比我提前照了大概两秒钟. 幸好那人没拍我, 要不我就哏儿了. 一个在外面幸灾乐祸的被看成考生, 这可太要命了. 不过家长们貌似都是很辛苦的. 唉. 真是无奈. 看到国外有一篇文章叫做’China’s SAT — If the SAT lasted two days, covered everything you’d ever studied, and decided your future.’ 要说现在这高考的确是不公平, 不过对天津学生来说算是不错的了, 可是对人家外地呢. 就及其不公平. 我真是服了咱这的教育了.


每日新报! 汗, 交版税来!!!

大尼 & 袁校


FACTBOX: China’s dreaded “gaokao”, the world’s largest exam

June 6 (Reuters Life!) – Millions of university hopefuls make a start on China’s national college entrance examination, or “gaokao”, on Saturday and Sunday, a fiercely competitive test that’s seen as make-or-break for getting ahead.

Here are some facts on the exam.

* Poetically described in China as “thousands of troops on a single-log bridge”, because of candidates’ relatively low success rate compared to the number of applicants, today’s gaokao is said to have its roots in high-stakes imperial civil service exams.

* About 70 million Chinese have taken the gaokao and more than 30 million have enrolled at universities over the last three decades. Last year a record 10 million high school students competed for around five million university places. This year the number will slightly rise again, and the number of university places will be about 6 million.

* The 2008 exams are being postponed for students in the quake-hit Sichuan and Gansu provinces. The Education Ministry has ordered universities to set aside places for students in these areas.

* The end-point of 12 years basic education, the normally two-day test is sat simultaneously across the country. Chinese, maths and a foreign language, (almost all take English) are compulsory. Three other subjects are either humanities, or sciences. Grades are on a 0-750 point scale. Above 500 points generally secures a place.

* The exam is seen as key to social mobility — the best chance for school-leavers to land white-collar jobs. Students can nominate preferred colleges. Each set differing admission scores, so those that don’t get their first choice can look to other provinces, or repeat a school-year and resit the gaokao.

* To help stressed and suffering students, big cities such as Beijing try to ease roaring traffic so they arrive on time, and police cordon off streets by schools to aid their concentration. Some taxis offer free rides to students who are taking the exam.

* Stories of cheating surface every year, despite stiff penalties. Students reportedly pay for leaked exam papers, smuggle in mobile phones and electronic dictionaries, or pay others to take the exam for them. Results are available online on June 28.

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