still in dorm

I’m still in dorm right now. I just wanna know when I can go back home and organize and sync my songs and so many TV shows. I should be at classroom at this moment, listening to the boring teacher, but apparently I’m not.

It seems that many people around me are starting preparing TOLEF, the test price is about 1500 yuan. Sometimes I really wanna take this test and go abroad, say, the states or Canada and the like, however, I dont wanna go there for some unknown reasons. So I’m kinda screwed now.

Today is Tuesday, P!nk’s brand new album is gonna be release in a few more hours, but actually it was leaked several days ago, even the FLAC version has been on the Internet, of course, I have downloaded it. I found a song named ‘Boring’ was on the UK bonus track list. What a big wrong mistake! This amazing song should be on the normal CD, not just as a bonus track in UK, it’s really not fair.

These days I always focus on my C++ learning, almost omit all the other courses, especially the linear algebra. I dont know it at all now, and a question popped up, what the hell can I do when the final is comming? OMG, I think I need to learn those right now right here, seriously. Oh, btw, I’m gonna re-take the CET-6 test! I hope I’m gonna pass it with a higher score than the last time’s. lol.

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