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我现在用N78了…不过不是我的…没wifi, 不爽啊…

应该来讲第一次用nokia, 还是不怎么会用…


天很冷, 宿舍能冻死人. 不过现在还好, 不知道为什么.



昨天过生日, 上午就去学校上课了, 中午回宿舍, 下午和xp, 悦姐和铎哥坐地铁去南楼, 先去拿蛋糕, 就是前两天在米奇定的那个, 然后去了对面的pizza hut小吃了一下, 结果到最后吃蛋糕时, 本来他们还能再吃, 结果吃完蛋糕以后都恶心的不行, 没想到那蛋糕竟然那么难吃…结果就没人再要吃的了, 然后坐地铁去了一趟好乐迪呆了会儿…


唉, 明儿过生日唉, 就那么就20了.

这两天多数是在无聊, 昨天去定了个蛋糕, 希望还不错. 明天下午出去吃饭, 小庆祝一下吧.

我仍然不喜欢回家, 烦.

突然想到天之痕里的失却之阵, 巴别之路.


i went to mc this noon, alone. i’m so bored. i don’t wanna say that, but this is how i am now. i’m gonna order a cake tomorrow for the party on sat. i’ve read 3/4 of the book, and i found that qin keyi is no my fav, but qin tong is. anyway, it’s a good book for me. but i still love rush to the summer dead. i hope i can finish this book before sat cuz i wanna finish 2 books before 20 at least. one is rush to the summer dead, and the other is this.

dorm is always boring, no surprise. these days are cold again, just like winter, and i know, summer is comming, even though i’m not so fond of summer.

when i came back from mc, i saw there were many people on the ground and there were also some guys selling apple products… tonight, there’s gonna be a karaoke competition. it’s none of my business.



book进行到了1/2, 快了, 还10小时应该能结束. 我喜欢悲剧, 可据说这是个好结局.



We are loved by so many people around us. They might be our parents, friends, lovers, or mother who gave birth to us. It doesn’t matter if you are great or normal; no matter where you are, your mother is always the one who loves you so much, friends always cheer you up when you feel sad, and lovers build up a happy family with you to keep your heart warm.

What does it mean to truly love someone? It means accepting them for who they are, supporting their interests, forgiving them for their wrongs, acknowledging their accomplishments, being there for them in good times and bad, accepting their faults and appreciating their strengths.

Now so many people think that money is the most important thing in our daily lives. Sometimes that is true. If you are a millionaire you can buy whatever you want. However you must know that money can not buy happiness and love. I can lose anything, but I am sure I will not lose my love.

wake up

i feel better now. i said everything’s gonna be ok. there’s one thing, however, i cant figure out – i dont wanna stay at home, even i usually come back home once a week. the speed of internet sucks, down from 4m to 1m. this is unbearable. and i dont wanna stay at dorm, there sucks either. you even cant imagine how dirty the toilet is. nope, dorm. so, i kinda wanna move out. better circumstances and more freedom. but it’s hard to me to pay the rent. i may find someone to help me. lol

i’m gonna donwload the iphone 3.0 sdk sometime. apple has sent me an email to download it but i still not, cuz the download speed is just too slow.

ok, just keep going. everything’s gonna be ok.


今天上午真是倒霉啊, 早晨一下楼就发现车没了, 看来是丢了. 心想, 丢就丢吧, 反正那车也是高中时买的. 到了教室, 发现已经上课10分钟了, 结果那里面几乎没座了, 于是进去了又出来了. 在E座走廊坐了一会儿, 看了会儿小书, 然后带着悲愤的心情回了宿舍. 买了份周末画报, 其实是为了垫笔记本用. 你杂志要说不错, 一大厚本才5块钱, 内容还很养眼, 印刷质量也不错, 几乎全是广告, 不过无所谓, 比那些垃圾杂志上的广告强多了去了. 然后打开电脑, 小魔了一下决定下午要去上选修. 结果没去成, 和铎哥先去的MC, 然后小去了一下八里台新文化, 本来是要买CD去的, 结果发现那地方CD还不及曙光里全了, 真是被欺骗了. 然后坐859想回学校, 结果在乐园决定要下车, 实在是太挤了. 突然想到乐园是要拆了的, 陡然一个念头就是进去看看. 结果花了10块钱买了两张门票小进去了一下, 那时候都4点多了, 主流设备都关闭了. 结果发现激流勇进竟然还在正常开启状态, 于是, 20*2了一小下去做了个. 还是比较刺激的唉. 貌似有照片, 回来传一下…

btw, live writer啥时能支持os x…