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April 10

不知道为什么这个bb总掉线, 九成是那个modem的问题. 上次就是因为它才去买了个新的modem, 看来还是这个的问题. 明天去败一个新的吧…

这几天天气都不怎么样. 阴阴的. 没什么好感的天气. 现在可能下雨了, 我也不知道. 不过明天应该也会下的吧. 天气预报是这么说的. 不过yahoo的那个天气预报有时很不准.

上个礼拜日来了个人说搬宿舍. 和13号楼对调. 到现在了还没信了. 真是腻味人. 干什么事都磨叽的要死.

高数现在是不怎么好明白了. 几乎处于听不懂的状态. 其他的还好. 看了看03年写的程序, 是那么的没有技术含量…当时竟然还不会用循环, 一大堆的东西都copy/paste解决的…


April Fool is comin'!!

These days i always fell asleep with chinese songs, but actually i luv english songs. Maybe these chinese songs give me a sense of peace, while most english songs rock me and give me passion. Technically, i like both of eng & chs songs.

OK, i hope it’ll rain tomorrow, cuz only in this way can the gym be suspended. The gym class sucks ass. Hate it!


The college is holdin’ an activity called "Tech Week" including basic knowledge of computer science, program design, photoshop, webpage design and warcraft. The program design is only c. I dunno why they only choose c as the language. C now is old-fashioned and replaced by c ++. Ok, I’m likely to join the basic knowledge of cs.

Tomorrow is April 1st, also April Fool. Take care!! And china mobile will release the 3G accounts. You will spend 100-200 yuan per month on a useless so-called "high speed network". You even need to buy a mobile that supports the crap network — TDS-CDMA. I just wanna say china mobile sucks. Cannot wait for the WCDMA in china.

It’s said that Hawk Nelson will release their new album <hawk nelson is my friend>. But I have downloaded this album a month ago. Hope some songs will be hits!

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