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TMD, 这两天又是病得一塌糊涂的, 一天竟然吃了那么堆药, 从粒儿的, 片儿的, 胶囊的, 带那种用水沏的都吃过来了. 现在直想吐. 咳嗽得要死.

又快期末考试, 烦死人, 又得开始自习, 其实已经开始了.

1月份大概能玩上云之遥, 不错, 期待.

Time Capsule渐渐远离了我, 因为我决定买个普通的硬盘插PC里算了.

最近比较喜欢听唐人街, 其实这歌貌似得身在国外才能感觉出来.

17号那么多专辑出来, 我竟然几乎没怎么听.

这学期真疲惫, 几乎就没怎么上课我觉得, 可还是很累.

给App Store做审核的人绝对都是脑残, MD, 没完没了的Reject, 然后就又杳无音信.

挺想去看2012的, 实在不行我自己去? …


等啥时有钱了, 我就去环游世界…或者说是去流浪?



I just don’t know how to express my angry feelings, but i gotta say that the censorship in this country sucks balls. just found that i even can’t upload files to sharebee, this is UNACCEPTABLE! i want my youtube, mediafire, twitter, facebook, google sites, and many other blocked sites back so bad, but seems they’re gonna be blocked for a long time until the gov release the control of the www and other communication techs, which is not gonna happen. btw, it’s said that WoW will be blocked in this area permanently, this is definately a bad news, hard to say how many people will be affected, but the influence will be felt.

I don’t know what to do next, many guys around me are preparing for TOEFL and GRE, because they have their dreams, then look at me, what am i doing now? GOING ABROAD or STAYING HERE, it’s too difficult to me to decide. don’t wanna change my lifestyle, but i’d like to see the other part of the world. maybe the best way is to work here now, and go abroad in the future…

no title

没什么可写的, 最近状态很不好.





maybe life is just like this, but i always want a different one. i hate loneliness, but seems i have to adapt to it.

i have no choice, just to see what will happen, and accept all the changes.


说是无聊, 就是无聊. 真的什么也不想干, 也不知道能干什么还. 天天在家里呆着实在是让我恶心了. 想去透透气了.

解决无聊最好的办法就是去睡觉, 可是觉睡醒了就又开始无聊了, 于是又睡觉, 难道一定要长眠不醒才能不无聊么?


今天买了一个MobileMe的子账号, 也不贵, 95RMB, 5GB容量, 够我用了, 能用1年.

现在我的Email, Contacts和Calendar都可以进行无缝同步了, 而且全是Push的, 简直太爽了…

Find My iPhone功能也是比较cool的, 只不过我1代没GPS, 定位出来是垃圾, 等我3GS到手的…

Everyone is NO.1. Just believe yourself.